About Us

Our mission is to help the general public grasp the concepts of blockchain easily by simplifying the abstract theories and presenting the contents in a straightforward manner. Besides that, we also provide coaching, training and consultancy services for readers or business owners who need to learn more about the blockchain technologies. Feel free to use our articles for training and coaching purposes but prior consent from the blog author is required.

Our Coach and webmaster Dr.Liew is a member of Access Blockchain Association of Malaysia, heading the Education Subcommittee. His role is to promote blockchain education to the public.

Dr.Liew has vast experiences in creating and delivering online educational contents.  In 1995,  he created the popular online Visual Basic Tutorial at www.vbtutor.net, which has attracted millions of visitors since then. It has consistently been one of the highest ranked Visual Basic websites. In addition, he also runs tutorials on JavaScript, jQuery, HTML&CSS as well as Excel VBA

Besides that, Dr. Liew has authored the Visual Basic Made Easy series. His books are available on Amazon.com and Google PlayStore. Dr. Liew’s books have been used in high school and university computer science courses all over the world.

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