Blockchain has been the most hyped technology in the last few years. A recent World Economic Forum report predicts that by 2025, 10% of GDP will be generated by blockchain. Though blockchain technology is being overhyped somewhat, it has the potential to disrupt many existing industries. Some startups, MNCs, governments, non-profit organizations, and even individuals have already developed and implemented blockchain-based applications. Therefore, everyone should take notice of this trend. However, there’s still a lack of understanding about what blockchain is.

Therefore, Blockchain Guide for Everyone was created with the mission to bridge the knowledge gap. I shall try our utmost best to guide our readers to grasp the concepts of the blockchain through theories and examples. Please check out my articles to start learning blockchain. Besides blockchain, I shall be writing a lot more about DeFi in my blog. In fact, DeFi has been the most popular buzzword among the crypto community in recent months. However, the complexity of the DeFi space has posed a huge challenge to every crypto investor. Therefore, I have authored a DeFi investment guidebook with the mission to assist everyone to understand DeFi and equip you with the necessary skills to maximize returns by investing in various DeFi platforms.

This handbook provides a step-by-step guide on how to leverage your crypto assets to reap profits from major DeFi platforms comprising decentralized exchanges, loan, and savings markets, DeFi applications, and more. They include the likes of Uniswap, Sushiswap, Compound, dYdX, AAVE, YAM finance, Balancer, Bancor, MakerDAO, Harvest Finance, and more. . Please check it out.

Besides that, I have authored a new book on blockchain and cryptocurrency, please check it out.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

A Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Guidebook for Everyone

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This book is a comprehensive guide covering fundamental and advanced topics such as:

  • Storing your cryptocurrencies securely in crypto wallets
  • Smart contracts
  • dApps
  • Enterprise blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger and Corda
  • How to conduct ICO and IEO
  • DeFi
  • Blockchain for financial services
  • Blockchain for supply chain management
  • Building a digital government with blockchain
  • HR transformation powered by blockchain

The book also covers technical topics such as:

  • Improving scalability with Plasma
  • Storing blockchain data on IPFS
  • Writing smart contracts with Solidity
  • Developing DApps
  • Developing ERC-20 tokens
  • Setting up a private Ethereum blockchain
  • Creating a multisig wallet
  • Creating an automotive supply chain management blockchain platform
  • with Hyperledger Fabric

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